The RIoT Engine and the RIoT Explorer- IoT Software Tools

The RIoT Engine enables business to accomplish 5 Major Things...

JOB 1: Receive data: The Engine accept data from any computer, device, meter, gauge, PLC or other field device. This covers many different protocols like OPC, MODBUS, DNP3, SNMP, BACnet and others. Providing the ability to collect data from many disparate devices and across many protocols is valuable and allows organizations freedom in selecting monitoring devices from many different provides and manufacturers. 


JOB 2: Send Data: Once the data is in the Engine, it can be configured to send this data to other places and systems. Weather you are sending it to an ERP system, a database, a legacy SCADA system or even IoT International's Cloud platform SkyView for Analytics and Visualization (as well as alarming)it becomes a data distribution expert. The RIoT Engine creates a one to many relationship sending the data to ALL of the places it needs to go and not becoming siloed or static.

JOB 3: Edge Computing:  Analytics, and Controls are the differentiation of any IoT middleware system. Our RIoT engine has built in C# tools for data computations, machine controls, analytics, and data normalization. This powerful tool provides organizations unlimited flexibility and is one of the most important tools available in the RIoT software suite. Powerful controls as well as analytics can deliver data to your systems already in the formats and with the proper computations already complete. With over 2 million C# developers available to industry we are excited to see how organizations utilize these tools to solve business problems like predictive maintenance and suggestive actions.

JOB 4: Rules:Now you have collected, analyzed, and defined where your data needs to go, we need to spend a little time defining how the data gets to where it is going. Not all of the data needs to be sent all of the time. Our data rules engine allows you to define what data gets sent and when including periodic increments (every couple of minutes, every hour, or once a day), on change of status, on high or low thresholds or other criteria. This allows management of data networks and cellular or satellite plans if these are utilized.

JOB 5: Destination MappingThis job function is the final piece of the puzzle for the data traffic. We provide a data mapping application. Not all of your data needs to go to all of your different systems. The data mapping functionality becomes the data traffic cop defining where your data needs to go and with the criteria that you have outlined from job number 4. The mapping application can send data to multiple systems and provides a elegant way to share that information completely across your enterprise. 

Now your company or organizations IoT system deployment can communicate with any edge device, allows controls and edge analytics, can share your data with other business systems, and can be viewed on Any Glass from Anywhere utilizing our SkyView Data Dashboard platform. Time to become more efficient, save time, money, and become a better operation..

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