RIoT Technology keeps transportation in America moving on buses, trains, planes, and trucks

APU Monitoring- (Auxiliary Power Unit)- APU's provide Trains the ability to save on Diesel fuel costs in the Winter time saving operational costs. Monitor these savings with IoT RIoT technology for as little as $30 per month


Elevator and Escalator Monitoring- Transit organizations operate large scale deployments of escalators and elevators. Save on operational costs by adding monitoring to these assets. Monitor with IoT RIoT technology


Rail Lubrication System- Transit organizations operate rail lubrication systems. using MODBUS monitoring the wells and get alerted when they need refilling or have power issues. Monitor with IoT RIoT technology


GPS Location/Arrival Time- Transit organizations need to tell riders where and when. Using RIoT technology monitor arrival time and let your riders know when and when.


Runway monitoring- Airports need to monitor items like runway temp and windshear. Using RIoT technology monitor and sensors monitor important environmental factors.


Traction Power/Sub-stations- Transit needs to monitor the important part of keeping their trains going the traction power stations. Using RIoT technology and DNP3 monitor stations and get valuable data .


Major metropolitan areas rely on the transportation industry to keep things and people moving along to their destinations. This requires that many systems work together to maintain a high level of operations. The Internet of Things and IoT International will continue to play a major part in optimizing systems and relaying data required to make transportation operations run smoothly. IoT International has worked on projects for many transportation organizations and we continue to provide IoT expertise in areas around monitoring, automation, integration and data analytics. Outlined below are some of the areas related to transportation already working making transport ion better for the businesses and cities that they serve.

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