Helping keep the Water clean, the Lights on, and the Gas flowing

For Utilities to keep the water clean, for electrical companies  and coops to deliver service to your home, and for customers to recieve the natural gas in their homes and businesses the field equipment needs to operate seamlessly. This is where IoT International and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) begins to play a role both now and in the future. Demands on all Utilities to do more with less is making monitoring and receiving actionable data vital to day to day operations. IoT Intentional has programmed our RiOT technology into pre-packaged solutions for ALL utility industries to enhance or replace PLC's and simplify communications for all equipment and systems. 

Pump Monitoring

Variable Frequency Drive

Generator Monitoring

Tank Monitoring

Breaker Monitoring

Re-closer Monitoring

Flow Monitoring

and many other applications....

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