Aertight Server Vault

Aertight Server Vault

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The Aertight Server Vault is a Windows-based server system with a focus on quality components, dependability, and ease of use. The system is among the most rugged and dependable on the market, with a patent pending design.

  • Rugged and Physically Secure:

    • Rugged: 16 gauge steel enclosure.
    • Secure: Combination lock door.
    • Water/Dust Resistant: NEMA 4 exterior
    • No Exposed Data Ports: No exterior USB or network ports.
    • Wall Mounted: 4 holes pre-drilled into the welded exterior frame.
    • Small Footprint: Only 16x14x12 inches

    Efficient and Low Maintenance:

    • Fanless: No fans or filters to change
    • Nearly Silent: Almost completely silent operation.
    • No Moving Parts: All SSD hard drives
    • Low Power Consumption: Draws less than 100 Watts even at full load
    • Up to 6 Removable SSD Drives: Plenty of room for expansion. Easy setup for rotating backups onsite.

    Technical Data:

    Dimensions : 16x14x12in (LxWxH)

    Minimum Clearance: 20x16x24in (LxWxH)

    Weight: 23.5lbs

    Recommended Mounting Strength: 40lbs    

    Display:10.1” TFT Display w/HDMI, 1024x600  Capacitive Touch

    Modular, Replaceable Design/Hot-Swappable Motherboard

    2x HDMI Output                  2x RS232                2x Gigabit LAN

    4x USB 3.0                             6x SATA III