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IoT Intl offers a complete end to end computing solution and this of course starts at the Edge where your business begins it's data collection. Whether this is an industrial application, manufacturing, transportation, utilities, retail sales, blockchain, or healthcare they all have Edge data components. IoT INTL offers an innovative software solution suite starting with our Realtime IoT (RiOT) Engine. Using this technology, you can map data from almost any sensor or legacy equipment such as dampers, relays, meters, pumps, cameras, PLC's or any other type input devices to time-series data streams. There are a number of advanced features incorporated in the design that make the RiOT Technology ideal for cellular communication or many other transport modalities. Unlike poll-response legacy algorithms, RiOT Technology uses smart algorithms to utilize the bandwidth only when it is needed. Using RiOT Technology, our clients have are benefiting by saving on data communication costs and adding edge functionality. Let's talk about your digital transformation strategy today!!

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