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Identity Management is a Worldwide Epidemic

Identity Theft is rampant…
Fake Synthetic Identities are being created by the millions...
True Identity Management has become a Human Right

The Identity-ATM™ is a revolutionary new kiosk that combines a public facing, ADA compliant Biometric Capture System with a blockchain based Identity-as-a-Service Identity Management.

The Identity-ATM™ combines the patent pending design provided by Aertight Systems, Inc, with DAL-Global, the leading service innovator of True Identity Management.

Clients may purchase the Identity-ATM™ directly for their private enterprises, or they may subscribe to the DAL-Global identity management system for a global Identity Management system.


The Aertight Server Vault is the next generation of edge processing and computing. This innovative hardware comes in several models but all are


  • Fanless Operation- No dust collection

  • 120 Volts AC or 24 Volts DC. 

  • 8 Virtual Machines simultaneously with a base OS of Windows but the VM's can be Linux or other OS preferences.

The Motherboard system configuration is completely modular and can provide a processor technology upgrade in under 5 minutes. Providing minimum downtime even on MAJOR technology updates, getting you back online with all systems. In addition, it is waterproof and can be "Locked and secured for added cybersecurity"  Call us today to see how you can take advantage of this innovative hardware platform and partner it with RIoT technology!


It is becoming important in Edge computing to co-locate computing devices near the sensors, meters, PLC's and other data devices. For this reason IoT International is partnered with Aertight and the Mini Data Center Server Vault. Partnering the Server Vault with RIoT Engine technology becomes extremely valuable. Running both the RIoT Engine and SkyView technology on the Server Vault allows your organization to combine state of the art hardware with the powerful edge computing software providing edge analytics, controls, historian, visualization, dashboards and many other valuable tools to grow your business

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