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Easy to Configure and Deploy: Using the Explorer tool configure a device to collect data via many protocols like MODBUS, DNP3, BACNet, SNMP and many others and delivery that information to SCADA, Historian, ERP, or Cloud systems like SkyView. 

C# Scripting Tools: Apply the use of the RIoT C# scripting tools once the data is in the engine to perform calculations, create edge computing algorithms, and compare against 3rd party data. In addition, create the ability to implement local controls lieka soft PLC.  

Local HMI, Historian and Trending: Use the Explorer tool to create Local HMI Screens with SVG tools (Screen Vector Graphic). Provides a localized trending application as well as local Historian all in one application.  

Download the Explorer Tool, the Engine, and Help Guide

IoT International has engineered a suite of RIoT (Real-time Internet of Things) software that applies in almost every industry from utilities and transportation to retail and building management. Our RIoT solutions enable communication with ANY  type of computer, sensor, meter, gauge, PLC, or other equipment that businesses utilize to collect data. The RIoT software allows us to communicate via multiple machine protocols (MODBUS, DNP3, SNMP, OPC, BACNet, and many others). This ability to gather all of your businesses' data streams regardless of end device into one system is truly innovative. The potential for analysis of this data is vastly increased by  Edge Computing (from device and application controls to predictive algorithms). Lastly, IoT provides the ability to send that data to the business systems that need them the most enabling your business to create better business outcomes. Whether that is to an ERP system, SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), Database, Historian or some other system like SkyView.. (See below for the benefits of RIoT SkyView).

Collecting and analyzing the data your specific business generates is only half the equation. Employees and staff members need systems enabling them to utilize that valuable information. This is where our RIoT SkyvVew SaaS service is more than capable of fulfilling those needs. Our SkyView service provides the ability to create custom dashboards and visualization screens including charts and graphs, event logs (live data feeds), geo-location, and reporting. In addition, SkyView provides the ability to add alarm notification criteria allowing organizations to identify qualified team members to receive a SMS text messages or emails when important information is received. These alerts notifications and the dashboard information is important to everyday operations. Our RIoT SkyView SaaS Service allows this data to be sent securely to the Cloud. Visualize your data Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere on Any glass! 

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