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Skyview/SkyTracker is the cloud SCADA platform from IoT International. Allowing organizations to save time, money, and increase efficiency by having SCADA as a service

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RIoT SkyView

  • Data Visualization/Dashboards

  • Historian 

  • Alarming (SMS/Email)

  • Geo-Location all in one Service...SCADA Augmentation or Replacement for a Monthly fee No Major Capital Investment​

The RIoT SkyView SaaS application provides the tools and capabilities needed to visualize and manage your day to day business operations with customized data dashboards. The SkyView service allows an organization to build groups and users of the data and allows them to visualize their part of the business as well as the data dashboards that are meaningful, whether that is a facility, utility, transportation system, manufacturing operation or any other business. Create charts and graphs as well as notification statuses and alarm notifications (SMS and Email) all editable and configurable with up-loadable alarm lists. 

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