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RIoT technology is helping 911 Centers, Incident Management Centers, and IT help desk environments provide "Situational Awareness." and Visual Alerting

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Back Room/Data Center:  One of the most import areas to keep running in any 24/7/365 operation id the back room data center. RIoT technology can monitor all Computer assets via SNMP as well as Temperature and Humidity via MODBUS. Implement and add Cloud Monitoring and Analytics for as little as $150 per month.

UPS Predictive Analytics:  The majority of Data Center failures can be tracked back to UPS system failures. Let RIoT technology provide predictive analytics and dont let your data center be a statistic. Implement and add Cloud Monitoring and Analytics for as little as $150 per month.


Whether you operate a 911 center, Incident Management, Security office, Operations Center or IT call center, monitoring key information about your systems as well as client information is vital for continuity of operations. This is where innovations in IoT can help provide your teams vital situational awareness and real-time notifications of system statuses. Allow staff to be notified and alerted when back room servers need attention, monitor temperatures and power for key systems. IoT RIoT Engine systems can provide security notifications when members enter and leave the building providing visual indications via integrated PATLITE  light trees. Customize the light colors and create custom visual and audible notifications. All of this information is also available on the SkyView visualization dashboard in a custom dash. Call us today for a free consultation!

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